How Tomorrow Moves

Via the Cyclelicious YouTube Channel

3 Responses to “How Tomorrow Moves”

  • Ows says:

    I appreciate that CSX are trying to amp up their green credentials, but in doing so, they seem to be patronising cyclists and denigrating cycling by suggesting that what you’re seeing is patently ridiculous.

  • AbrasiveScotsman says:

    I’m a little dubious of the ultra-greenies who think that HPVs can do it all, so don’t misinterpret what I’m saying here.

    However, that advert is somewhat absurd.

    It would be like creating an advert that said “Until there’s a train that can move 200,000 tonnes of goods, there’s MegaShip Ocean Freighters!”

    You’d use more than one train to move 200,000 tonnes of goods, and you’d use more than one cyclist to move 1 tonne. Easy!

  • 2whls3spds says:

    I actually thought the commercial was pretty well done.

    For a real world taste take a look at the Bike At Works website ;-)

    Yes they do have their limitations but it shows what can be done.


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