Star Light, Star Bright

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  • John Huggan says:

    There may already be a report but I’d like to know the brand and model of flash lights and the method or device used to mount them on the lower forks of your bike. (great picture)
    There seems to be a whole world of very high brightness (900 Lumens!) mini flash lights available for less then $50.00 each. Are they durable enough to stand the vibrations and weather when used on a bike!

  • Alan says:

    Hi John,

    The flashlights are Fenix L2Ds. Here’s my report: Fenix L2D

    The mounts were custom made for me by Mike Flanigan at Alternative Needs Transportation (A.N.T.). Here’s my report: ANT Brackets

    Terracycle also makes very nice mounts for Fenix (and other) flashlights. Yet another report :-) : Terracycle Mounts

    I’ve only seen a couple of reports of people having troubles with Fenix flashlights mounted on their bikes. Mine have seen quite a lot of use and they’ve held up well.

    Let me know if you have further questions.


    PS – Beware of the 900 lumen ratings on some cheap, imported flashlights. Some unscrupulous distributors have been known to wildly inflate their numbers. Also, you’ll want to look at run times – some high-powered flashlights don’t run long enough for constant use on a bicycle.

  • j.w. says:

    what handlebars are you using? great photog

  • j.w. says:

    fnd it, thanks
    love the site

  • Alan says:

    Hi j.w.,

    Those are Nitto “North Road” handlebars. They’re available in either Chromo or alloy – mine are Chromo.

    More here: Harris Cyclery

  • j.w. says:

    beautiful, Thanks! Ive been checking out the Albatross via, but it appears these might be more up my alley…Thanks a lot for response. Thinking of trying these out my LHT…

  • Alan says:

    If you’re riding mostly around town or doing short overnighters you’ll love ‘em. If you’re doing any long distance touring you’ll probably be better off sticking with drops.

  • Concretin Nik says:

    Great shot! I like the power lines on the same line as the bike (vice versa)… gives a cool sense of movement…

  • Alan says:


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