Early Spring in CA

We think early spring is the loveliest time of year for bike commuting in Northern California. The mornings are crisp and the afternoons are for shirt sleeves; layering is the order of the day. Our friends Back East tell us they’re still dealing with freezing temperatures—and we feel for them—but by the time they’re having our mild weather, it’ll be blistering hot here. If you’re in NorCal and you haven’t tried commuting by bike, there’s no better time to give it a try!

2 Responses to “Early Spring in CA”

  • brad says:

    Wow, that green grass looks good enough to eat! The ring-billed gulls have returned to Montréal, the first sign of spring, and the redwing blackbirds won’t be far behind, I expect them any day now. It got up into the 40s today but is dropping down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit tonight and 5 degrees tomorrow night. Still, I’m seeing more and more cyclists on the road and I’ll be joining them myself soon enough. The bike paths officially reopen here on April 15 and it’ll be a lot easier to get around after that…right now many of the paths still have a few feet of snow on them.

  • Ryan says:

    I have been wanting to commute by bike all week but I have had a cold. Today I started to feel a bit better so tomorrow I am riding for sure. That photo looks like it could be in Folsom, I get the parkway for half of my commute in the morning and it is great!. happy riding!

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