Jose Luis Hoyo’s Photo Contest Entries

  1. Thakilen, Thailand – This boy was amused to see us trying to get the fruits of a tamarind tree while we were waiting for the train. I guess he was in a hurry to do his errands because he did not stop. I bet you he also knew the fruit was still not ripe enough and tasted bitter.
  2. Mascota, Mexico – In this small town in the middle of the mountains the cowboys use their horses to go to the fields but in town they prefer to use their bikes.
  3. Siem Reap, Cambodia – Genuine feather dusters.
  4. Sa Kaew, Cambodia – People in their tricicles transport goods across the Thailand and Cambodia borders for the customs revision. The tricicles have pedal-handles to provide traction since it is victims of land mines and people with disabilities that do this job.

2 Responses to “Jose Luis Hoyo’s Photo Contest Entries”

  • Thom says:

    I love to see photos of people around the world using bikes–especially old ones. I wish more people in the car-centric US could think something other than “poverty” when they see people using bicycles for transport, work, etc. Lovely photos, great documentary work.

  • Jose Luis Hoyo says:

    You can see it in the expresion on people’s faces anywhere in the world. Riding your bicicle is one of the few times in which you are in comand of your body and your thoughts making you feel truly free.

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