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  • Scott Wayland says:

    Dang it all, doesn’t she put it straight! Time to work for this moron’s loss in the next election. Makes me wish I lived in the Portland area so I could flood his office with mail and show up at meetings with tons of cycling friends. This flat out has to be stopped. The key question, of course, is: Does it have any legs? Is there even any chance of something like this happening? You go, Oregon bikers, and bring down this idiot and his idiot-ology.


  • beth h says:

    I blush in your general direction. I hadn’t anticipated the response to this post, but geez…

  • Alan says:

    It was an inspired and inspirational post, Beth. Keep up the great work.


  • beth h says:

    @ Scott: Our man in Gold Beach doesn’t get it, but relax; this bill doesn’t have legs and will likely be allowed to die in committee. But that’s not the point. I wrote this post as the culmination of three separate episodes that really upset me (all three are mentioned in my most recent post; the CRC’s approval of a 12-lane Interstate 5 bridge across the Columbia River; the BTA’s (our local bike advocacy organization) lack of real leadership in response to the bridge approval; and now this bill, introduced last Friday in the Oregon House — which has rceived another oh-so-careful response from our pals at the BTA. I just got tired of feeling so, well… BEAT UP by the car-centric universe we all live in. So I spoke my mind. (I’m still also considering giving up my BTA membership, but that’s another story and requires more time and thought on my part. Go back a post or two to see what’s up with that if you’re curious.)

    Happy riding –B

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