Honza Galla’s Photo Contest Entries

It is pretty difficult to choose from so many pictures I have. Quite some are good I think, mostly from traveling. I hope that these four has at least a chance. They are not part of the art, but I hope that the spirit of traveling smell a little bit from them. The one with guy sitting next to recumbent is from Croatia when we took some pictures for AZUB catalogue (the guy there is Ales Zemanek, owner of AZUB BIKE). The rest is from my journey through Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. We had two bikes there and trailer. The last day when we already had train tickets to home, we went to the city centre of Skopje, Macedonia, and some kind of tree spikes made so many punctures into all our wheels. There was no way to repair it with three spare tubes and one spare tire. Luckily it was the last day so we pushed the bikes back to train station and went home. —Honza

Honza is with Azub Bike in the Czech Republic.

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