Azub Coming to the U.S.

From Rick Steele at Gold Country:

Gold Country Cyclery and Honza of Azub in the are currently working out the USA pricing, and processes to start bringing in their fine recumbents to the USA.  Their recumbents have gotten wonderful reviews in Europe and have a a great fan base of satisfied owners. Azub has a great selection of bikes to meet most any rider’s needs. For the immediate future we will be the exclusive dealer/distributor for the USA. —Rick

Gold Country Cyclery

2 Responses to “Azub Coming to the U.S.”

  • Gordon says:

    I’m glad to see Azub is coming to the states!
    Can you get in a full suspension model with 26″ wheels with under-seat steering?
    I’d like to give it a ride!



    I’ M an Azub Dealer in South Korea.

    Azub’s bike has Strong Frame, and Wanderful shape.

    Many people like Azub in South korea.

    Specially, Max is most popular.

    Nice to meet you.

    This is From Recumbent Korea.lnc

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