Ride to Work

Here’s a cool video of Nicholas Lambert on his morning commute in Saint Lizier, France. He created this time lapse video from a set of 900 high resolution still photos taken with a Sony Alpha 900 outfitted with a fisheye lens. The camera was mounted on his trike using a Manfrotto Magic Arm.

4 Responses to “Ride to Work”

  • Karl OnSea says:


  • Cullen says:

    Love the music! Who is it?

  • Hercule says:

    I enjoyed – the distortion from the fisheye made for some interesting effects, especially seen from the front wheel axle!

  • Nicolas Lambert says:

    The music is “Run!” from “Entertainment for the Braindead”. It is under creative commons licence. It is writed at the end of the video.

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