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My Old Bike

Some of my more recent visitors may not realize that I sometimes ride those rare and unusual laid-back bicycles called “recumbents”. As a matter of fact, prior to starting EcoVelo I maintained a blog called The Recumbent Blog.

Having been on both sides of the fence, I’m here to tell you they’re all just bicycles, and contrary to their outward appearances, recumbents and upright bikes are far more alike than they are different, just as racing bikes, touring bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes, and fixies have much more in common than not.

Each type of bicycle has its strengths and weaknesses. Some are fast but fragile, others can carry a load but are heavy; some are comfortable but difficult in traffic, others are highly maneuverable but require constant attention from the rider, etc., etc.

Currently our stable includes a recumbent tandem that is the most comfortable and enjoyable bike I can imagine for long days on open country roads; a pair of traditional English roadsters that are perfect for jaunty jaunts around town; and a touring bike turned city bike that I use as a car replacement for serious daily transportation. They all fit a niche and perform wonderfully when they’re in their element.

I’m glad that we have so many options. And regardless of what type of bike they’re riding, I’m always happy to see another bicyclist on the road because every person on a bike is one less person in a car.

We Are the Tide

Filmed over three months in the fall of 2008, WE ARE THE TIDE documents Portland, OR band Blind Pilot on their west coast bicycle tour.

Hauling all of their own instruments and gear in bicycle trailers, Blind Pilot band members traveled from Bellingham, WA to San Diego, CA.

Discover what drives the band members to forgo traditional touring methods and rely instead on their own pedal power and the generosity of those that they meet along the way.

Blind Pilot
We Are the Tide

Recent Bikes from A.N.T.

Mike at A.N.T. has been cranking out a bunch of gorgeous utility bikes lately. Here’s a look at a few of his recent Light Roadsters. Check out the rear dropouts. The seat stays are bolted on to allow installation of a belt drive, and the sliding dropouts are designed for internal gear or single speed hubs (they look similar to the dropouts on the Civia Hyland). Besides being easy on the eyes, these are well thought out bikes that function quite well as everyday transportation.


Team Wonderbike

[via Russ Roca]

The Brooks Book

Interesting reading if you like old school bike goodies…

The Brooks Book [PDF download] →

Yin Yang

Taken while hangin’ out in front of the grocery store this morning.

Speaking of… while out on errands today, I commented to my wife that this is undoubtedly the nicest day for bike riding we’ve had all year. A gentle breeze from the south, blue skies, and a high of 77 F… WOW. Tooling around on bikes on a day like today makes you feel like you’re on vacation at the coast (and it totally beats the heck out of driving around in a car). Gotta’ luv the bike! :-)

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