Russ’ Photo Contest Entry

Taken in Juliaca, Peru. Notice the bus station in the middle of the photo, and the numerous work trikes on the street. —Russ

Reverend Phil’s Photo Contest Entry

Raul Sanvicente’s Photo Contest Entries

  1. Three men (fishermen) at São Lourenço, RS, Brazil
  2. Colonia – taken in 2008 at Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
  3. Taken at Gent, Belgium, July 2007
  4. Travessia – (which means crossing a river)

Leo Kodl’s Photo Contest Entries

John Pucher in Momentum Magazine

John Pucher is a professor in the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University. For over a decade Dr. Pucher’s research has focused on walking and biking for transportation. He recently wrote a 3-part series for Momentum Magazine titled “Cycling for Everyone”. If you’re interested in hearing from one of the top experts in the field on how to increase bicycle use, these articles are well worth a read.

Here’s a quote from Part 1:

“Cycling remains a marginal mode of transport in most North American cities because it is widely viewed as requiring special equipment and training, physical fitness, and the courage and willingness to battle with motor vehicles on streets without separate bike lanes or paths. Cycling is a mainstream mode of urban travel in Northern Europe precisely because it does not require any of those things.” —John Pucher

That just about sums it up.

Cycling for Everyone Part 1
Cycling for Everyone Part 2
Cycling for Everyone Part 3

Nelson Ralls’ Photo Contest Entries

Luke Breen’s Photo Contest Entries

  1. Sophie on a family bike camping trip.
  2. My friend Derek doing a Minnesota January Century with me. There’s a ride report and fun movie on this ride here.
  3. Nepal cycle touring.
  4. Sean Bjoralt, founder of Earth Cycles on the prototype of his awesome little Sunrise.

Luke is with Calhoun Cycle in Minneapolis, MN. Visit their website

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