Alexandra’s Photo Contest Entries

My background is as the “other half” of our small company called Bike Mexico.  Essentially we love to share our passion for cycling the backroads of this seriously misrepresented US neighbour, so we drag 5 or 6 different groups of intrepid cyclists around different regions of this remarkable country every fall and winter.  Here are some photos I’ve pulled together:

  1. Chiapas Mist – The breathtaking ride to San Cristobal, Chiapas, Mexico always brings some kind of fog or rain.  Thankfully this stuff burned off quickly allowing us to spend our climb enjoying the views.
  2. Bike Snack – Touring in the banana capital of Mexico: steamy, hot Tabasco state
  3. Puuc Hills – A fully loaded fellow bike tourist blasts by some local farmers on their way to their fields at the top of the steepest hill in the “Ruta Puuc” Yucatan, Mexico.
  4. Yucatecan Taxis – relatively flat Yucatan, Mexico is bicycle heaven.  The bicycle still dominates many back country roads and small village streets.  It gives this Mexican state a beautiful, unassuming, gentle rythmn.

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