Luke Breen’s Photo Contest Entries

  1. Sophie on a family bike camping trip.
  2. My friend Derek doing a Minnesota January Century with me. There’s a ride report and fun movie on this ride here.
  3. Nepal cycle touring.
  4. Sean Bjoralt, founder of Earth Cycles on the prototype of his awesome little Sunrise.

Luke is with Calhoun Cycle in Minneapolis, MN. Visit their website

3 Responses to “Luke Breen’s Photo Contest Entries”

  • Dave says:

    Lovely idea – to promote the use of cycles!

  • Zach says:

    Nice photo of Shean on the prototype Earth Cycles Sunset, I hadn’t seen that photo before. Note it is a Sunset, not Sunrise.

  • Luke B. says:

    We were in the middle of a major construction project shortly before we moved into our current location when Shean came by with the prototype. It was a fun break from hard labor to check out (and ride) the new bike. I remember the day well!
    Thanks for the correction on the name as well as the spelling of his name.

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