Francois-Xavier Huat’s Photo Contest Entries

  1. The first one has been taken with an hand made pinhole camera in the city of Lyon.
  2. The second one is a dirt rider in the air.
  3. The following one has been taken with an hand made pinhole camera too, during a bicycle trip close to the lake of Annecy.
  4. And the last one is two old bikes with the Annecy’s lake in background.

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5 Responses to “Francois-Xavier Huat’s Photo Contest Entries”

  • beth h says:

    I totally LOVE the first photo in this set. Print and sell copies. it’s that cool.

  • anon says:

    4 more winners

  • Barry Gardner says:

    Awesome pinhole photography! Would you share your aperture (i.e., approximate size of your pinhole) and exposure times?

  • Miracle Mike says:

    Fantastic eye for composition…. I hope we see more.

  • Francois-Xavier says:

    Thanks for your comments!
    About my pinhole camera :The pinhole diameter is 0.26mm and the distance between pinhole and film is 30mm.
    If I can remember, the exposure time for the first one was 1min 30s, and 30s. for the second one.

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