Reuben Collins’ Photo Contest Entries

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7 Responses to “Reuben Collins’ Photo Contest Entries”

  • anon says:

    Snow photo is a winner.

  • Sarah says:

    I also love the snow photo, as well as the jumping over the bicycle photo. Nice work.

  • Julie says:

    I love the snow picture!!!

  • luc says:

    I love all your pictures. What are your bikes?

  • GenghisKhan says:

    Snow wheel is a winner in my book!

  • Reuben says:

    Greetings. The green bikes are a set of 70’s Schwinn Suburbans. The blue, snow-covered bike is what my early 80’s Schwinn (model??) looked like after I rode home in the snow sometime in March 2008. The jumping woman is my wife – photos taken in Theo Wirth Park in probably October 2008. The photo of me is on the Lake Minnetonka trail in November 2008.

  • marla says:

    awesome photos reuben!

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