Beth’s Photo Contest Entries

  1. Harvest Moon — Taken on the way home from work late this fall.
  2. Employee Parking — The back room at Citybikes. Note that we all ride leather saddles.
  3. Bike Dreams — A cyclone fence at the back of our house was falling apart. I chose to replace the rusted section of fencing with old bicycle wheels last summer and so far they’re holding up well. This was taken during the very beginning of Portland’s “40-year” snow storm in December 08.
  4. Genesis — A recent visit to pal Ira Ryan’s framebuilding shop in Portland’s St. Johns neighborhood gave me a beautiful photo opportunity. I love seeing the beginnings of things.

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2 Responses to “Beth’s Photo Contest Entries”

  • Audeamus says:

    It makes me happy to see all those leather saddles. I’ve converted a few local riders to the Gospel of Brooks, but the people who question their comfort or simply see nostalgia still outnumber the true believers. Swine! (oops, Cow!)

  • beth h says:

    I originally took that photo to send to Brooks, but my resolution wasn’t high enough for them. Or something like that. Still learning digital photography. But yeah, almost all of us where I work like to ride leather saddles. There’s nothing more comfortable.

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