Jim Thill’s Photo Contest Entries

I own a small bicycle shop and ride my bicycles and make photographs in and around Minneapolis. The photos I’m sending were made with some widely varying equipment, including a homemade large-format pinhole camera (the bike shop b/w) to my 1960s vintage Nikon F 35 mm to a modern dSLR with post-processing. —Jim

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4 Responses to “Jim Thill’s Photo Contest Entries”

  • Rob says:

    The pinhole camera gives the bike shop a wonderful ethereal appearance. Nice, especially when viewed adjacent to the vibrant contrasting green, blue, and orange of the (what I suspect is your DSLR shot).

  • EricaLucci says:

    I love, love, love the bike shop photo!

  • Jim says:

    It may be of interest (to me, anyway) that the bikeshop pinhole image was taken with a homemade camera (big black box with an 8×10 film-holder on the back) with an aperture of roughly f/450. Exposure time was 7 hours during a busy Saturday business day. Many people walked by the camera, but nobody stood still long enough to be captured in the image.

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