Tamia Nelson’s Photo Contest Entries

  1. Long Climb — A cyclist sweats up the long climb — average grade of 12% — at 10 mph while SUVs rip past at 55 mph, as electric transmission lines reflect the sun, the ultimate energy source.
  2. Petra Under Cirrus — Photo of my LHT, Petra, was shot in high summer at my rest stop near an extensive wetland along one of my favorite bike routes. Riding in calm winds under the wispy clouds was magical.
  3. Crank Study — What can I say? I like the geometry and art of bicycle cranks, and I like the contrast of light and shadow. This is the stock crank on my LHT as she hangs on her rack in the hall.
  4. Pressed Home — Muscle and mechanical advantage press home a new headset on this Surly LHT.

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