Xtracycle PizzaLoader

Xtracycle recently posted instructions on their website demonstrating how to build a “PizzaLoader” oversized SnapDeck using an Ikea Gorm shelf and Lansa Bar. Here’s the intro:

While we’d love to design, prototype and build every idea we sketch out, we’re still a bit grounded in reality and like to choose our products carefully. But don’t get us wrong, we love do-it-together (DIT) approaches to accessories, except the ones involving transportation of wee ones.

With that said we’re pleased to introduce: PizzaLoader! While there are a few bicycle pizza delivery services out there, the costs don’t justify the production on our end. Thank goodness for places like IKEA, where you can find just the right combination of parts to create masterpieces.

Wife and hubby team, Jeremy and Carrie, longed for the ability to carry pizza on their Xtracycle.  Unfortunately, the square shape of a pie box leaves too much overhang when using a standard SnapDeck. Combine that factor with greasy, weak cardboard box and you’ll quickly accessorize gravel with your fresh pizza.

Solution? Build a wide-platform SnapDeck with rail to provide proper support and containment for your pizza as it travels from its brick oven womb to your home and, ultimately, belly. Let’s dig in!

Using the instructions on the Xtracycle website (with a slight modification), EcoVelo reader John G. built a PizzaLoader for his bike. Here’s the note he sent me and a photo of the completed project installed on his CruzBike:

Here’s the completed PizzaLoader. I had to go to the hardware store to get some longer bolts to fasten the Xtracycle snaphooks to the bottom of the Ikea Gorm shelf. The Lansa handle worked perfectly to provide a “backrest” bar, which will also be a good connection for the little tiedown straps that Ikea has for packing your stuff on your cartop.

Great job, John!

Xtracycle DIT: PizzaLoader

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