Super Bike Sunday

Not pizza & beer, but tasty nonetheless

We’re not necessarily what you’d call football fans, so instead of watching the big game today, we decided to take a nice bike ride to get a little exercise and enjoy the gorgeous weather we’re having here in Northern California.

While we were out and about, we also worked in a few errands including a stop at the transit center to pick up a monthly pass, a stop at the grocery store to do our weekly shopping and pick up fixings for homemade pizza, and the obligatory stop at the coffee shop (no explanation needed). It was such an incredibly beautiful afternoon that we couldn’t help but feel a little sorry for the folks trapped inside their automobiles.

For all you bike riding football fans — we hope you enjoyed the game! And for those who passed on the game today, we’d love to hear what you did while the rest of the world had their eyes glued to the big screen, especially if it involved a bike ride.

14 Responses to “Super Bike Sunday”

  • Thom says:

    Sounds very nice! We did this:

    Now I’m seeing on the news about all of the trouble they’re having in the Midwest, and want to send whatever good thoughts I can their way.

  • beth h says:

    Celebrated my birthday a day early by hosting a potluck breakfast to which many of my friends rode their bikes. Not one word about football was said all morning, though a great deal of discussion ensued about bicycles.

  • Tim Guthrie says:

    Our church had a scripture work day. Hundreds can to sort, assemble, staple and trim thousands of scripture portions (John and Romans) destined for Latin America and Thailand.
    Our church has a large printing ministry printing over 6 million items a year. About 1 million whole bibles and the rest scripture portions.

    Before hand I went cycling with most my kids(4 of 5). It was near 50f today and that is about 40 degrees warmer than it has been for two weeks.

    I beat my 11 yo in a time trial with my daughter in tow. My oldest three all have both road and mountain bikes, and the road bikes are equiped with racks and ‘saddle bags’. My oldest has done grocery runs with me.

    My kids couldn’t care less about football. They know legs are pedaling, not for getting damaged uselessly.


  • Tamia Nelson says:

    Super Bowl? Was there a football game today? Because it was snowing and the roads were too sloppy for riding outside, I rode the inside nowhere bike, did some website maintenance, and then exchanged letters with folks who live in civilized climes about inflatable canoes and kayaks. Of course, I also read EcoVelo! That java and muffin look great, Alan!

  • Jeff Bray says:

    I’ll second the coffee and shopping. We loaded the kids up this morning in the trailer and on the trail-a-bike and headed off to grab some coffee (milk for the kiddos) and bagels. After having a nice breakfast and enjoying the beautiful weather (we live near Sacramento), we took care of the week’s shopping. We spent the afternoon working in the yard, with a break thrown in to ride over to the park to give the dog some exercise.

    We did turn on the game during dinner, just in time to catch the fourth quarter. We like watching football, but the game was definitely an afterthought.


  • Alexander López says:

    The Bowl is not an event here in Venezuela (unlike the World-League baseball, where a lot of Venezuelan players participate).

    So I went to a free concert of the Orquesta Sinfónica Municipal*, playing “Peter and the Wolf”, and “Tío Tígre y Tío Conejo”; both are children’s stories where the instruments perform the characters. It was a blast seeing children from every social extraction to laugh and enjoy as they could clearly imagine the action through the music. A very uplifting event!

    *There are a lot of orchestras here in Venezuela, not only every state have its own, but larger cities have more than one. This one’s name translates as the “County Synphonic Orchestra.” In Caracas, every weekend are excellent classical music concerts for free.

  • Celos says:

    Took a 25-mile ride with a friend in the morning, then took the kids to an indoor swimming/waterplay park ( during the game itself. Sadly I drove to the waterpark, but I did have coffee in the morning, and homemade pizza for dinner, so overall I think I score pretty well.

  • Alan says:


    It must have been a day for homemade pizza. :-)

  • Chris from DE says:

    I took a nice walk with my dog once the sun went down. It was a wonderful weather day here in Delaware — and was still in the mid 40’s at the time of my walk. Through the windows I could see lots of people sitting around watching TV. I was listening to my music way up loud, and my dog was smiling as she trotted beside me. Football? Feh.

  • EricaLucci says:

    I took a 25 mile ride and enjoyed the 70 degree weather in Phoenix. I stopped at a new cafe – Trailhead Bike Cafe, which exceeded all my expectations. They had great food AND bikes! While I would have loved to pick up a new bike while I was there, alas, I only walked away with a new pair of socks and a quenched appetite.

  • Dale Fernandez says:

    It sure was a beautiful Sunday.
    The sun was not the least bit shy today. The contrast of the warmth from the sunlight with the cool breeze beckoned me to do my errands on my bike. Everyone seemed to have the same idea. There was actually a little traffic jam at the Trader Joe bike rack. Errands finished, my wife, daughter, and I decided to take our bikes to Santa Monica to take in more of the the beautiful day.

    Watching the glorious sunset on the ocean was a great way to end the day.

  • Steve Fuller says:

    Took a ride before the game. 28F when I left and 32F or so when I came back. Cross bike with fenders, and about two of gravel and conversation at a very sedate pace with another local rider.

  • meligrosa says:

    cheers with ♥coffee!
    this weather, amazing.

  • Croupier says:

    I rode to the liquor store to get more… liquor. Didn’t miss a minute of the game. If the Cardinals would have won my gambling money would have bought me an Alfine hub for the bike I’m building. Guess it’ll have to wait.

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