A Tale of Two Cities

Alan Barnard’s Tour Easy in Sacramento, CA

David Cambon’s Tour Easy in Vancouver, B.C.

From David:

Alan, I was so mesmerized by the photos of your pristine former Tour Easy parked by your house in California that I took a nearly identical photo of my Tour Easy parked by my house in Vancouver. I even have the same tire as you did! The photos are a portrait of two cities. —David

NAHBS 2009

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show (NAHBS) is taking place this weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana. NAHBS is always the year’s largest showcase of handmade bike bling, with everybody who’s anybody in the handmade bike world showing off their best work. We’d hoped to attend, but alas, we’ll be watching from the sidelines this year.

We’re following the weekend’s excitement here:

Urban Velo
NAHBS Utility Bike Gallery

Jack Semotchko’s Photo Contest Entries

Bob Hayes’ Photo Contest Entries

The Beach Cruiser and the Tricycle photo were taken in Belmar, NJ – the other photos were taken in The Hague, NL. —Bob

Keith’s Photo Contest Entries

Gavin’s Photo Contest Entry

  1. The bike is a Nazca Fuego, the ship is Captain Scott’s RRS Discovery, and the place is Dundee, Scotland.
  2. This was taken in Carnoustie during the summer.

Jason’s Photo Contest Entries

They were taken back when I rode a recumbent (a Big Wheel from Trimuter) on the Raccoon River Valley trail in central Iowa near the town of Adel. —Jason

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