SRAM Cycling Fund

The recently awarded grants to the League of American Bicyclists and the Thunderhead Alliance have brought SRAM’s total bicycle advocacy donations to $1,000,000 so far.

From the SRAM Cycling Fund Website:

The SRAM Cycling Fund was formed in September 2008. It was funded with US$10 million. The objective is to grant approximately $2 million per year for 5 years to existing national cycling advocacy groups.

The goal of the SRAM Cycling Fund is to help advocates and enthusiasts build a better environment for cycling. SRAM fundamentally believes that:

  • Bicycles improve the environment.
  • Bicycles ease traffic congestion.
  • Bicycles reduce the cost of transportation.
  • Bicycles improve health and reduce obesity.
  • Cyclists are a passionate user group that support and enhance the areas in which they ride.

The barrier to increased bicycle use in daily lives is the lack of appropriate infrastructure. The US has built its transportation infrastructure around automobiles with little attention given to the role or benefits of cycling. Europe’s cycling infrastructure is much more advanced, but it also has lots of room for improvement. SRAM is convinced that through the committed efforts of cycling advocates and cycling enthusiasts that increased funding for cycling infrastructure can be realized.

Kudos to SRAM!!

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5 Responses to “SRAM Cycling Fund”

  • Fritz says:

    I’m really impressed with the high profile actions SRAM has taken over the past year, including their hosting of a meeting between then candidate Obama with bike industry people.

    Thanks for the link love as always!

  • Dale says:

    This willingness on their part to INVEST in Cycling advocacy and infrastructure makes me want to choose & BUY their products – over other companies who may not want to forfeit some of their profits for the good of all.

    My first question is; what about Shimano and Campagnolo, do they have such funds and motivations? And what about the HUGE bicycle manufacturers in Taiwan & China who make MOST of the bicycles (for all the major companies) which are sold in the USA? Are they funding the promotion of cycling?

    How do we find out who is and is not contributing adequately to these efforts?

    Then, how do we let them know that we will not spend our dollars with them if they do not?

  • Fritz says:

    Shimano made a big push associated with their Coasting line, and they’re a big contributor to BIkes Belong and sponsor a lot of local advocacy conferences. Shimano is a long time supporter of the LAB. I don’t know what it is in dollar amounts, though.

    Cannondale gives $200,000 annually to Bikes Belong. Pacific Cycles is also a big contributor to Bikes Belong, though again I don’t have dollar amounts handy. Other donors to Bikes Belong include Trek, Raleigh USA, Specialized, Scott USA, Giant, Cat Eye, QBP, etc. There are plenty of others.

  • Alan says:

    Thanks Fritz!

  • Fritz says:

    Now the flip side of that coin: Can advocacy groups that are funded by businesses be trusted to represent the wishes of its members?

    Bikes Belong is a bike industry group, so its membership funds its activities. But what about a local advocacy group that receives funding from a local business? What happens when the business interests diverge from the groups membership’s? Can the group leaders be trusted to make the right the decision?

    It’s an old problem with no right answer, but we should be aware of the motivations and any strings that might be attached to the funding.

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