Someone Stole My Bike

“Someone Stole My Bike” is a new website that documents the stories of people who have had their bikes stolen. The short interviews — most are less than a minute long — are quite entertaining in a sort of “rubber-necking” kind of way.

Someone Stole My Bike

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  • Karl OnSea says:

    It’s a nice site – the personal touch speaks volumes.

    I’ve been half-heartedly trying to get a secondary blog going –, which is along similar-ish lines. But with less video, and more emphasis on the what / how. I think maybe “someone stole my bike” has a LOT more mileage in it as a resource of cautionary tales!

  • Daily Research » Shared Items - January 26, 2009 says:

    […] Someone Stole My Bike […]

  • Croupier says:

    I remember coming home really late one night when I lived in Oakland and seeing this (apparently) intoxicated man kicking the side view mirror off a newer car parked on the street. I said, “Hey man, what you doing?”
    He said, “I’m breaking this car, stupid!”
    “That might not be such a good idea, why are you doing that?” I asked.
    “Because somebody stole my bike!” At some point he started kicking the door of the car.
    I decided to get clear of him but said, “That’s a bummer…”
    He kept stomping and shouted, “Yeah, especially since I only stole it myself last week.”
    I’m pretty sure the car wasn’t his.

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