Why? Because I’m a graphic artist and I can’t resist stuff like this. Why not? Politics.

Make your own at Obamicon

p.s. – If you make your own, send it to me and I’ll post it in the comments below.

12 Responses to “HOPE, RIDE”

  • Croupier says:

    Oh man… I’m about to go nuts with this…

  • Michael(the wife:)) says:

    Very cool! :D

  • Tim Guthrie says:

    I agree with Croupier… and that is all I can say or Alan will ban me.

  • ksteinhoff says:

    I would like to play with it, but it wants Flash 10; that hoses up my WordPress media imports. I had to drop back to Flash 9 to make it work.

    I debated long and hard about writing about the inauguration. I figured that everyone, including me, would OD on it by the end of the day. A couple of friends pushed me over the edge, though, and got me to thinking about how far we’ve come since I was a kid and my grandfather lived in a Sundown Town, I had never touched a person of another color until I was in my early pre-teens, at how I’ve always tried not to let race consciousness influence how I deal with folks, but how it’s still there.

    And then, I realized how much more enlightened my kid brother is, who’s only 10 years younger than me. What was most pleasing was realizing that my son once described a photographer who worked for me as “that tall, skinny guy who was really funny,” not by starting out by identifying his as Black.

    Here are my full thoughts:



    That’s where I am. My biggest hope is that our new president makes it through his term/s safely. As someone who lived through JFK, Malcolm X, RFK, MLK and the assassination attempts on Presidents Ford and Reagan, I kept waiting for something awful to happen the night he stepped on stage in Chicago and at the Inauguration.


  • Alan says:

    I “hope” no one takes this TOO seriously (Tim, I’m talking to you.. ;-)).

    Really, I was just having fun playing around with Shepard Fairey’s pop culture icon and liked how these turned out. And anyway, what could be more hopeful than a woman riding a utility bicycle? If anything is going to save the world, it’s that grandest of inventions, the bicycle… :-)

  • Alan says:


    Very nice, Ken. Thanks for sharing…

  • Tim Guthrie says:


    Stop baiting me, really.
    ” If anything is going to save the world”


    My normally healthy blood pressure is going up, I better get back to work.

    I would agree that a anyone on a bike is a fine site, and a lovely woman on a fine bicycle even more so. You are blessed.

    Bicycles are a fine tool to fight oil costs, car costs, obesity, heart disease, etc., and have fun, experience GOD’s creation and relieve stress.

    You know how much I appreciate your site/blog /community you have created, and am so happy about your growing sponsor list. Keep up the great work and site.


  • Alan says:

    If anything is going to save the world… “Stop baiting me, really.”

    Tim, seriously, you are the MOST LITERAL person I’ve ever known. And I mean that (or do I?)…LOL.

    “A figure of speech, sometimes termed a rhetoric, or locution, is a word or phrase that departs from straightforward, literal language. Figures of speech are often used and crafted for emphasis, freshness of expression, or clarity.”

    Have an awesome day… :-)

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  • Dottie says:

    Fun!! I couldn’t figure out how to send it to you through the contact page, but I totally copied your idea for my page :)

  • Alan says:

    Vik, the Lazy Randonneur, sent me this Tikit icon…

  • Alan says:

    Here’s another from Dave B. It’s a Flevo Alleweder Velomobile! ZOOM indeed!!

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