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First, please note that the A.N.T. website is down due to a domain name issue. In the meantime, please send all A.N.T. related e-mails to antbikemike@gmail.com, and visit the A.N.T. blog to keep tabs on when the main site and e-mail will be back up.

Now for the fun stuff. The photos above are from the A.N.T. Flickr photostream. That’s the brand new ’09 Boston Roadster. That particular bike is going to Bicycling Magazine and will be featured in the May ’09 issue. I’ll spare you the superlatives and just say that I like the looks of it… a lot.

Nice work Mike.

10 Responses to “A.N.T. News”

  • tdp says:

    I love A.N.T. bikes! Beautiful bikes and this one is no exception. One of these days…

  • Adrienne says:

    I want it!!!! I can’t have a Vanilla commuter, but this would be more than adequate as compensation!! Probably $3000 less, too!

  • Thomas Barone says:

    I really like this bike a lot. The head badge art work is priceless .

  • joe3 says:

    Very nice looking…..probably out of my pocketbook!! What is the cost?

  • Mike Flanigan says:

    Thanks, I am happy with the responses I have received.

    The bikes cost will be $1,950.00 as shown [with F & R racks]and $2,050 with a rear roller brake [coaster brake shown]

  • charles says:

    Not to appear ignorant but whats with the one piece steel crank? I like the idea of steel for durability but what about bearing wear etc. Have these been improved over the years?
    Its sure a nice looking bike and seems very practical. I wish someone would make slender cottered stainless crankarms.

  • Audeamus says:

    Yeah, that steel crank looks a bit odd on a $2K bike. Nevertheless, ANT bikes are truly rolling art, and they are inspiring on several levels. The Boston Roadster concept is an American classic. Great work, Mike.

  • antbikemike says:

    I know, I know…I think One pice cranks have gotten a bad rap. I really don’t know what people are talking about. I have had old Schwinn’s that have never been overhauled for….20 years and still riding them. Not that you should do that, but I have found old bikes in the trash and have ridden them with no problem. And I would rather have a one pice crank over a cottered steel crank. This BR has a nice BB set and a cromo BMX crank it can be overhauled with just a 12″ adjustable wrench and some greese. And on top of that I can make these very cool USA made chainrings [only fit one piece]
    The one piece set up it is nice and it helps a lot with cutting cost and labor in the bike…which helps me keep under $2K. I have always loved the one piece crank and have tried in the past to sell bikes with one, but always got the boo hoo…now I see Dutch and English bikes selling from $1,700 to $1,850 and up to $2,300 with Hi Ten frames, steel cranks, steel rims and weigh 45lbs? Now they look very nice and I am actually glad that people are bringing the bikes in and that people are buying them…I like these Dutch/English bikes!, but hey I can make bikes like that too with made in the usa parts, usa 4130 tubing and usa labor, offer more sizes and colors and comes in at 41lbs [with both racks], 39lbs with ft only.
    Now if 2K is too much for this bike that is ok…there are many, many nice made in Taiwan bikes that you can buy. They are nice , light, good quality…and of all types [Surley LHT, Civia Loring, Kogswell, Fisher Simple city, Breezer and many more.] I like all of these choices and just want people to ride bicycles and if this is the only way that can happen [to buy a Taiwan bike], then OK….but when your job gets shipped off to somewhere else, don’t complian about it.
    If I could set up a factory here in the usa I think we could compete more in price…but not as a small shop.
    Sorry I have not had time update the site with a BR page, but will soon. I think this would help with questions.

  • jason says:

    I agree about the one piece cranks getting ragged on all the time being kind of strange. I have cleaned up many that outlived their owners interest, or perhaps outlived the owner in general.

    I just rebuilt a 72 Continental, all stock but the wheelset, laced some alloy 27s onto the original hubs. Its still a tank compared to my racing bikes, but I have about twenty bucks into it. As Mike said, some grease and simple tools. It rides like a dream, smooth and somehow elegant.
    I was actualy thinking that the old Schwinns(suburban, collegate, varsity and conti)have a lot of the qualitys that everyone is so on about in the “dutch style” bikes. beefy, maintainable(more so actualy)and able to withstand a near miss by a nuclear weapon with some minor singeing.

    So if one is on a tight budget, one of these bikes can be had for a song most of the time(unless your town is infested with hipsters). They don’t have the braze ons, but American can do and some p clamps go a long way. Wald baskets and pletcher racks look cool, are period correct, and work.

  • charles says:

    Yea…….I guess my dads old 1944 Henderson is a one piece crank with a skip tooth chain and all. I plan to restore it and ride the beans out of it till I can’t anymore. Its still rideable now that I think about it……………wow maybe you are on to something.

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