Jtek Alfine/Nexus Compatible Bar-end Shifter

Jtek Engineering is now offering an indexed bar-end shifter that’s compatible with Shimano’s popular Alfine and Nexus internal gear hubs.

From Jtek:

  • Super light weight only 64 grams making it the lightest bar-end shifter on the market
  • 24mm clamp-on design. Easy installation eliminates the need for disassembly to install
  • High quality CNC precision machined parts, 100% made in Hugo, MN.
  • 8-speed indexing

Finally a shifting solution for people who want to use Shimano internal hubs with drop-bar, road bike style handle bars. This shifters is compatible with Shimano 8-speed Alfine & Nexus hubs. It features a clamp-on mounting design which will fit standard diameter 24mm handle bars.

Rob Livingston sent me this photo of a Jtek bar-end mounted on his Alfine equipped Casseroll.

Here’s his feedback on the shifter so far:

This is a recent modification I’ve done with my commuter bike. Originally, it was a single speed. Later, I put an Alfine hub on it and used a travel agent with an 8 speed Shimano bar end shifter. I thought it lacked precision and no matter where I located the travel agent, at the down tube shifter boss or near the hub, it was a visual distraction. So Jtek Engineering made a bar end shifter for the Alfine or Nexus hub and I just got it on Monday. It’s about freezing here so I haven’t ridden to work this week, but trips around the house show great promise for the shifter.

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18 Responses to “Jtek Alfine/Nexus Compatible Bar-end Shifter”

  • John says:

    It is great that the folks at Jtek are receptive to these ideas and I’m happy there’s finally a product on the market to serve this function. But…of course I want more, and something just a bit different. I want a downtube shifter. That ought to be easy enough to do, considering the lever is already made. I also think the aesthetics could be greatly improved by smoothing out the lines and finished in polished aluminum or at least anodized silver.

    Otherwise…kudos to Jtek!

  • placid casual says:

    that casserol looks lovely – any idea where can i see more?

  • Alan says:

    Here you go… :-)

  • ian says:

    fantastic clean lines and i love the straight bladed fork.
    very special

  • Bob G says:

    Anxious to hear how well it works from Rob after he’s had a chance to put more miles on it. Also would be nice if there was a similar solution for running a Rohloff on drop bars vs. using Rohloff’s current shifter on the drops or mounted to the stem. Thanks for sharing!

  • jamesmallon says:

    Hallelujah! Now I can convert my single-speed randonneur! No ugly hub-bub or bar end kluge. Thanks Jtek, and EcoVelo for the beta.

  • Steve Fuller says:

    Oh man. I see some money getting spent here in the next week or so…

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  • KWW says:

    Great minds think alike! I am actually doing a similar project with a Sturmey Archer RX-RD3, 3 speed internal hub with Rivendell’s Silver Shifters.

  • DL Byron says:

    Excellent — we’ve got a Drop-Bar Nexus project bike in works too.

    Cool. Cool.

  • Lush says:

    KWW – if you ever happen to come back and read this I’d love to know how your project turned out. I’m wanting an A. Homer Hilsen with internal hub, moustache bars and bar-end shifters. I think Riv’s silver shifters look great. I’m LushMojo on Flickr. You can contact me there if you see this.

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  • Rob says:

    Update on my Casseroll / Alfine / Jtek combination: I’ve put a few miles on the set-up, but I’d say less than 800 miles. The Jtek / Alfine combination is great when tooling around and doing commuting activities. Its clean, quite, and easy to maintain. One has to remember to carry along a box wrench with the blow-out bag, though. Also, I wouldn’t call the combination bomb-proof. I took my Casseroll along for RAGBRAI, which is a nice little bike ride across the great state of Iowa. I rode with a few friends and took some ribbing because I chose to ride my commuter bike when they were riding Cervelo R3SL’s. On my second day I really began to experience some issues. We were cruising along at a faster pace than is probably typical for RAGBRAI (we were in a hurry to get to the next town to refuel on pie). Shifting soon required a noticeable pause in cadence when climbing for down-shifting to occur and there was a nasty grinding sound that would happen with a mis-shift. I allowed myself a couple days of riding like this and then switched out for my go fast bike for fear that I would do some serious harm (and I needed to shed some bike weight to restore world order and crush my friends on the century day). I’ve been back on the Casserol since then and I haven’t noticed any problems.

  • Marty Budd says:

    Hi Rob,

    have you worked out what that problem was with the shifting on the RAGBRAI? Was it the shifter or the hub?

    Marty (in Australia)

  • Rob says:

    Unknown. I haven’t checked to see how the hub functions better wwith stock shifters because I don’t have them. The Jtek shifter works good enough for commuting.

  • Scott says:

    Sweet! I have a SS Casseroll that I plan on converting to Alfine with Jtek bar end shifter.

    My main question is this:

    Rob, would you find this combination suitable for pulling a trailer with moderate loads and moderate hills?

    I plan on using this as my main commuter. I’ll do the occasion tour, but again, I plan on using a trailer. Eventually I will add a carbon fork with a bb7 disc. I’ll probably upgrade to the 11 speed Alfine when it eventually is released.

    Any help is appreciated.


  • Rob says:


    I pull a kids trailer regularly and the combination works just fine. Shifting issues are predominant only when I hammer and that’s best left for my go fast bike anyway.

    Enjoy the build and ride!

  • Philip says:

    Just to comment re. grinding with gear changes under load. It is the hub that is the culprit here not the shifter. The good people at Shimano even direct in the fine print of the tech. manual to let of pressure for a couple of seconds after shifting. I personally find this gets a little worse when my shifter needs adjustment though.

    I currently have a Norco VFR-I with the stock hub and grip shifter that I have put Aero bars on. I am looking at changing to pursuit bars – necessitating a change to JTek’s shifter. Sounds like from the comments above its a good switch. Thanks!

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