LED Bike Light Review’s Fourth Annual LED Light Review is now online. I look forward to this light “shootout” every year; it’s always the most comprehensive look at what’s new in LED bike lights for the coming year.

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  • Adrienne says:

    I couldn’t get past the line-“I should point out that the average price was a mere $355. That’s quite a bit less than last years average of $420.”

    $355!!! For a light? A single light? For a bike?

    How many bikes for AIDS workers in Africa could that buy? Heck, that is more than I paid for all three Specialized bikes I bought for my three kids.

    We have now reached a topic I do not understand.

  • Alan says:


    I hear you. For me it’s mostly an oogle-fest to see where the technology is headed. This year’s $300 light will be next year’s $200 light will be the year after that’s $100 light…

    To be fair, a good number of their audience seems to be 24 hour MTB racers – they need major wattage for racing through the forest at night.

  • Eddie says:

    Many products have low-cost and high-cost models, and this of course includes bikes and bike accessories. This article on high performance bike lights is simply comparing data on items many of us won’t understand in terms of value, monetary or otherwise, but there are folks who will. Socio-economic morality is another subject.

  • Adrienne says:

    There is something wrong when ‘bicycle’ and ‘socio-economic morality’ are part of the same sentence.
    Planet Bike lights for all! $20 and they give some of the money to bike causes! The rest of the money you save can go into $335 head set :-)

  • Eddie says:

    You miss understood me entirely. So be it. BTW, my bike cost less $20 ;-)

  • Adrienne says:

    No, I got you (the ‘you’ of my above statement was a ‘general you’, not a ‘specific you’) . I just like ‘bike’ and ‘lets go to the beach’ more, as a combo :)

  • Ihab Awad says:

    Very nice review! Too bad they don’t mention dynamo lights — the greenest and most practical alternative. And imho the safest: it’s much better to have a reasonably bright light than a photon torpedo that peters out to nothing if you forget to charge the batteries. (But maybe I’m more forgetful than most.)

  • Ows says:

    Question: How many bike lights is “too many”?
    My new Specialized Globe City 6 comes with dynamo lights front and rear, but I’ve also purchased a Smart Polaris (front), and Electron Krypton (f+r set)… I think I’m well covered, but any advice would be appreciated, as I really want to start doing some “serious” cycling.

  • Alan says:

    In my opinion, you can never have “too many” bike lights. I like the idea of having at least one headlight and one tail light on the bike, and one headlight and one tail light on the helmet. The headlight on the helmet allows you to point the light around corners, and flash errant motorists that don’t appear to see you.

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