I’d like to welcome my newest sponsor, TerraCycle, maker of exquisite parts and accessories for upright and recumbent bicycles.

A little history from their website:

TerraCycle started out in 1996 making custom fitted, very dialed in recumbent bikes. In order to get the performance we wanted in a number of the special parts, we found we had to make them ourselves. It wasn’t long before people started asking if we’d make parts for their bikes. Before we knew it, the parts side of the business completely outran the bicycle side of the business. We now no longer make complete bikes, and instead are focused on expanding and improving an ever growing  line of parts and accessories. Our R&D list is long and varied, just the way we like it. We get to work on all kids of things every day.

We use a variety of processes to make our parts. Many things are CNC machined on one of our two CNC vertical milling machines. We like the precision of CNC, and the freedom of being able to make nearly anything we can dream up. There’s some lathe work, and a good  amount of hand work as well, as there are some things you just can’t do on a CNC. We have our anodizing and laser marking done locally. Otherwise, everything is done in house. We have some products coming up that will use custom extrusions and molded plastic parts, again locally made.

I’ve been personally using TerraCycle products for a few years now and I can confidently say they are some of the most well-engineered and finely-machined accessories available.

TC L2D Mount
TC Screamer Idler Kit
TC LWB Light Mount
TC Ti Idler

2 Responses to “TerraCycle”

  • Wuss912 says:

    yeah pricy as heck but the quality can’t be beat…

  • Ernie Greenwald says:

    Just wanted to add another recommendation for Terracycle. I was/am very happy with my Bacchetta, but could not make peace with the chain noise from the idler. As an old (literally) road-bike guy, I think the only noise a bicycle should make is the whisper of the tires on the road.

    I don’t want to demean the original idler on the Bachetta–for all I know it is perfectly efficient and would run forever–or at least longer than I will.

    Bought a replacement idler from Terracycle. Very well made. But I expected that based on the company’s reputation. The great benefit for me is that the idler is QUIET! It wasn’t “cheap”, but for me, just the quiet is worth every penny.

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