Alchemy Goods

Alchemy Goods of Seattle, Washington takes old, discarded bicycle inner tubes, mates them with seat belt straps salvaged from junkyards, and turns them into some of the coolest (and greenest) bike bags and accessories on the planet.

Our mission is simple: “Turning useless into useful.”

Alchemy is the medieval science of turning lead into gold. More generally, it means magically turning something of lesser value into something of greater value. For us, the value isn’t economical so much as ecological. We look for materials that are normally discarded that might have value with a little bit of imagination and some hard work.

Every Alchemy Goods bag purchased represents one less part of our world destroyed. That’s why all our products should have the highest possible recycled content, but also be superbly functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The logo intentionally looks like the periodic table. The number in the upper right hand corner represents the percent (by weight) of recycled material in the product you purchased.

Alchemy Goods

7 Responses to “Alchemy Goods”

  • Jason says:

    If anything, pick up a bottle opener. I have two (home and work) and use at least one daily.

  • meligrosa says:

    Ag is a super company! I havent purchased their products yet, but Ive seen them in some cute stores here in SF.
    I’ve also bookmarked english retreads not sure if you might’ve mentioned them before, but they have super cute totes etc, based out of Boulder, CO (I’ve considered some totes for my basket….)

  • Jono says:

    THe shop I wrench at donates a large number of our used tubes to Alchemy, and they provide paid shipping labels for us to do so. It’s a really great program, and I encourage other bike shop employees (and customers too!) to get their own shops involved.

  • Dale says:

    Great idea. Cute products.
    But a bike bag made out of innertubes? Dang, that’s gotta be HEAVY.

  • ksteinhoff says:

    Oh, no, now we’re going to get into a thread about static weight vs. rotational weight.

  • Dale says:

    No. I don’t think so. Why would we do that?

  • Aaron Edge says:

    — Love the idea behind (and quality of) those AG bags, however, I wish they would upgrade to a better buckle setup. Chrome makes a great seat belt style connector… wish AG would hop on that wagon. I realize this would make the bag cost $20-$50 more… but it’d be well worth it, in my opinion. Great work giving props to a wonderful Seattle company!

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