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I ran across this important recall notice and thought I’d post it here. ;-)

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  • Mike Brisson says:


  • Dave Kee says:

    It’s fun, but it is 10 degrees out and the streets are covered with ice and snow. A car is the only practical means of transportation for me and millions of Americans for many months of the year. The goal should be a car that uses no carbon emitting fuels (either directly or indirectly).

  • Alan says:


    It sounds like you need a velomobile with studded knobbies… :-)

  • yangmusa says:

    Even if cars ran on clean air, I would want our streets rid of them. And our communities redesigned around people instead of around speeding hunks of metal…

  • Duncan Watson says:

    Indeed. We just got 3 inches of snow here and my trike is now much more practical to get around than my car. This area doesn’t handle snow well. I have commuted in 10*F weather by train before as well as by bike.

    I would love a velomobile.

  • Dave Kee says:

    @yangmusa: The old saw about the perfect being the enemy of the good applies here. A zero carbon emission car approaches a velomobile in environmental impact, and more importantly to those of us in the frozen north, IT HAS A HEATER :-) .

  • Alan says:


    It’s probably very difficult for someone in California’s Central Valley (like me) to relate to how tough the winter conditions are in your neck of the woods… :-)


  • andy parmentier says:

    i’m not against cars. in the 1930’s an italian company was building a 250 lb car that 2 people could pick up (just in case) also came with pedals (again, just in case!) and 170 mpg..on the african savannah, elephants are the engineers, building the trails and watering holes. but smaller vehicles (ahem, animals) have their own road system. the hummingbird has the heart of a lion, but is only the size of a mouse
    fortunately, the hummingbird is airborne or even the elephants would have to watch out. i like the bombardier (canadian manufacturer) tadpole styled “CAN-AM SPYDER” which has the stability of a car (2 wheels in front) and the feel of a cycle (1 wheel in back). but you can’t load up the kids, it’s a 2 seater. however the honda INSIGHT has load up the kids capability, 2 wheels in the back are aerodynamically narrower profile than the front wheels.
    i don’t know if there has ever been a hybrid semi-truck or RV on the road. all this passionate
    quietly desperate burning of fuel has me thinking that someone out there WANTS the gas to be
    gone ASAP, perhaps a culture that has a sense of history, of dynasties, a culture that ‘s more austere, and acquainted with bicycles, rickshaws, motorscooters..and they’re just biding their
    time til this romanesque monster runs it’s course

  • Roberto Rodz. says:

    that’s the key issue: communities designed around people, that’s my dream.

  • Icebiker says:

    There are a bunch of us who ride bikes all winter, in cluding weather much colder than that. Warm clothes and studded tires work. See the icebike mailing list for help with any details that seem hard.

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