Gallery: Mike’s Dahon MU P8

I’ve had this bike for since this past summer but has only seen limited use, preferring to use my other bikes. The big issue for me has been the flat handlebar was causing me wrist pain.  Since my LBS converted it to a drop bar, this bike is seeing a lot more use. I use this bike mainly to ride 2 miles to my carpool meeting location (only on days I don’t drive ;) ). I fold the bike, place in the Dahon El Boso Bag, and place in the drivers trunk. My carpool is pretty cool letting me letting me do this.

I am really surprised how well this setup fits me.

Modification from the stock MU P8:

  • 155 mm Cranks with 46T chainring
  • 45 cm Nitto Randonneur handlebar and handlebar tape
  • 8 speed barend shifter
  • Tektro RL 520 Brake levers

Upgrade required new brake and shifter cables.

Commuting related items:

  • Dinotte AA headlight and tail light
  • Ortlieb Big Office Bag
  • Dahon El Boso Bag


5 Responses to “Gallery: Mike’s Dahon MU P8”

  • Hercule says:

    That looks right up my street! How well do the drop bars work with the folding?

  • Mike says:


    It folds well if the stem is loosened and the bar rotated. I fold the bike by separating the handle, folding the bike, and placing the riser between the two folds and the handlebar kind rests on top / between. It’s kinda hard to describe. I will take a couple of pictures of the bike folded and ask Alan to post.



  • Mike says:

    …. separating the handle, ”

    Meant to write separate the riser.

  • john goguen says:

    Curious about prying open the Dahon stem to allow drop bar curves to go through, I’ve done this with mtn. stems which required some bench grinding and flexing of the stem diameter itself. Any problems?
    John with a Dahon

  • Mike says:


    No need to pry open the MU. The quick release opens up all the way. It’s an easy mod.

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