Holiday Cargo Haulin’

They’re doing some serious holiday cargo haulin’ over at Car Free Days.

Car Free Days

4 Responses to “Holiday Cargo Haulin’”

  • Karl OnSea says:

    One of those photos that just make me grin like a Cheshire Cat. Happy family, tree, and bike – looks like a recipe for happiness!

  • Scott Wayland says:

    Looks great. I like their blog, Car Free Days. My wife and I often have these. We get a huge kick out of NOT starting the beast. This happens a few times a week usually. There’s a bit of snow and ice on the road right now, so we’ll be “bike lite” for a while, but the snow never lasts long around here. We’ve got hills and little road maintenance on side streets here, so things are a mess until the sun clears off the black top.



  • Loren Hackerott says:

    My concern with people loading up their bikes, is that they may have the same problem with SUV’s that think because they can get traction they can drive fast.

    Namely, the lack of stopping power. Rim brakes seem just barely enough for one rider and maybe a little cargo. Add a second body and it seems to me like you are asking for trouble.

  • David Hembrow says:

    Loren, don’t worry so much. Lots of people carry more than one person on a bike. In fact, it’s quite common to see three on a bike here. “Moederfietsen” (Mother’s Bicycles) come from the factory with front and back child seats, huge panniers and a bracket on the back to carry a pushchair. The brakes look pretty standard.

    I collected my Christmas tree by bike too. And I rode home with it single handed to make a video. Dangerous ? No. Not at all.

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