12 Hours in Photos

I was invited to participate in a fun project called “12 Hours in Photos”. Here’s how it works. On an agreed upon day, the participants each capture moments throughout their day, spaced as close to one hour intervals as possible, and post them to a shared blog. The latest event took place this past Friday, 12/12/08 (I had to shoot my photos on the 13th due to a schedule conflict).

From the “12 Hours” website:

A picture an hour, for 12 hours, from people all over the place. Many of you know that this comes right from FGG and their 24hrs of Fixed Gear Gallery Forum. They did a project where different people would take pictures of their day one hour apart. Regardless of whether or not it was about bikes. Just a series of pictures to share little parts of your day.

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12 Hours in Photos

2 Responses to “12 Hours in Photos”

  • kevinPDX says:

    Alan, this is really cool. How do I get on the e-mail list?

  • Alan says:

    Hi Kevin,

    It’s my understanding that it’s by invite. I’ll send a note to the site owner pointing him in your direction.


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