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I’m so late to the party on this one it’s kinda’ silly, but I finally joined Facebook. You’re hereby officially invited to add me as a friend. I also set-up an EcoVelo group – it’s an inauspicious start, but please feel free to join the group and we’ll see where it goes.

Alan on Facebook
EcoVelo Group on Facebook

2 Responses to “EcoVelo on Facebook”

  • luc says:

    I hope that the Facebook universe will not leadthis blog to death.
    I have no interest on Facebook and won’t fellow over there. I don’t care to have hundreds and hundreds of virtual “friends” and don’t need to be member of a social network to feel alive. Facebook and all of his brothers have the power to keep you away of the real live.

  • Alan says:


    No worries – Facebook is just another way for people to find the blog and branch out from what we’re doing here.

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