My New Favorite T-Shirt

One of my kidz gave me this cool T-shirt for my B-day. I noticed the generic bike symbol looks a lot like a Roadster. Those little symbols at the bottom are infinity symbols: highway MPG = infinity, city MPG = infinity. If you’re a kid reading this blog and your Dad rides bikes, give one to the old man for Christmas and make him happy. Available at Threadless.


19 Responses to “My New Favorite T-Shirt”

  • Perry says:

    Alan, that’s a great T and it’s really nice to see that photo of you. You look happy!

  • sue says:

    I love mine! I good friend gave me one for my birthday last year and I’ve practically worn it out.

  • Hercule says:

    I like the T-shirt too, but would be almost certain that I would run into a pedant who would point out that chain lube and bearing grease come from the same source as petroleum and therefore a bike does not do an infinite number of miles per gallon…

    A more accurate one might be 10 miles to the banana/chocolate bar/cake etc…

  • Chris from DE says:

    As a chemist who is proud of his profession, I’d like to add that petroleum is also used to make the inner tube, the tire material, the polymer for the cables, the material for the seat, and the paint…etc.

  • Matt says:

    More importantly than the bike components made from oil, is the extra food a cyclist consumes. In the US most of our food is shipped long distances and grown using vast amounts of fossil fuels.

    According to this website:

    the actual MPG for a bike is 100-200 depending on your diet. (Though that would make a much less cool shirt)

  • michael says:

    Matt: Yeah, because it’s all those fatty boom-batty cyclists who are eating too much food.

    Great shirt!

  • Thomas Barone says:

    Great shirt Alan, — also i might add the photo of you is very nice as well. Did you take the photo of yourself or did your wife lend a hand? ( same great quality photo we’re used to )

  • Matt says:

    michael: I never meant to claim that cyclists are eating too much food, but they’re probably eating more food than they would if they didn’t cycle. Like it or not, unless you grow all of your own food in your back yard, every calorie increases your carbon footprint and decreases your bike’s MPG.

    Still, 100-200MPG is better than any car I’ve seen out there lately

  • bongobike says:

    Boy, what a bunch of nitpickers! But more importantly, I can’t get one because my size (XL) is sold out. In fact most are gone. :-(

  • Dale says:

    GREAT photo, Alan. It’s good to put a face on “Ecovelo” – and a very good, happy, and smilin’ face it is. :- )

    As to the extra food consumption – I find that Cyclists are by far WAY MORE INTELLIGENT than all those who don’t have sense enough to cycle. So, being more intelligent, we ALL are more conscientious to eat “locally grown” and “Organic”, higher quality foods. This practice ALSO reduces one’s carbon footprint.

    As to the negative “chemistry”, etc., an automobile weighs 100 time more than a bike and takes up 10 times more space. You do the math.

    So all you naysayers, I have a term that fits you very well – “Habitual, intentional, detractors”.

    So much progress could be made so much faster in this World if it weren’t for the backwards thinking of “habitual, intentional, detractors”. “Habitual, intentional, detractors” are not doing themselves or anyone else a SERVICE by always trying to think of the down-side of a concept.

  • Alan says:

    Of course, motorists have to eat too. And then there’s the question of what type of food one eats, and where it comes from. I’ve found that my cycling friends tend to eat more whole, organic, locally grown food than my less health conscious friends.

    Just keepin’ it real… :-)

  • Alan says:


    My wife gets the photo credit.. :-)


  • andy parmentier says:

    in the army, (which travels on it’s stomach) most of the people were upper body types, i on the other hand looked forward to the 2 mile runs every other day, in between those dreadful push-ups..
    on the other hand, over 50% of muscle mass is in the upper body, however i’ve found the perfect
    meeting in the middle ground, of walking with my “exerstrider” trekking poles (way too dorky for the military)
    i walk down the middle of quiet streets at night, like sousa leading a silent parade, this is really living, the granny gear of locomotion, makes me appreciate the much more efficient bicycle
    but there was a burger chain back in the day called FUDDRUCKERS and they prided themselves on
    making “world’s most INEFFICIENT burger” (not a big three assembly line burger)..
    and there in the MIDDLE of the road, I AM THE BURGER in the middle of the plate/road.
    of course, if you’re italian, the strada would be the pizza pie, and the sidewalk would be the crust. italy, land of bicycles and olive oil..2 of my uncles spent time there, one while on leave
    from the navy, the other while on leave from studying music in france.

  • Michael(the wife:)) says:

    The trick is to tell him how cute he is, then ‘snap’, take the picture. That’s how I captured that grin. ;)

  • Hercule says:

    I did say there would be a pedant (or two) along! ;-)

  • Ian Nicholson says:

    What a great picture of my favorite biking author/blog host. I am looking forward to the spring here in Ontario Canada when I am hopeful of once again being able to cruise around my ‘hood on my Fuji Supreme. I have just come through preemptive surgery on my left leg to prevent it from breaking due to its cancerous state. So now, while I don’t have a titanium bike frame, I have a titanium femur which is light and super strong. I have just now got rid of my walker, and the cane and am looking forward to getting back in shape on a recumbent exercise bike so come spring I’ll once again have the privilege of smelling the roses and meeting lots of nice folk like you. I never miss a day without checking to see if I’ve got mail from Alan. Now that I’ve got your picture its fairly easy to deduce why you, your wife, and your webblog have such a loyal following. Have a very happy Christmas and a great new year.

  • Apertome says:

    Cool shirt (don’t listen to the detractors, they’re just jealous). And a good smile, too. I believe that’s the first photo of the author on this site, unless I missed one. Pleased to meet you, so to speak.

  • Alan says:


    I’m so glad to hear you’re on the mend. Please get well soon! Wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday and a happy new year!

    Best regards,

  • Rick says:

    I know this is a bicycle site but while we seem to be on the subjetc of food I would recomend you read “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” by Michael Pollan. Food and the systems that provide it will never look the same. This guy should be our next Secretary of Agriculture!!

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