I’m sensing a pattern: gloomy morning commute, gorgeous evening commute, gloomy morning commute, gorgeous evening commute…

8 Responses to “Moonrise”

  • Brad Hefta-Gaub says:

    Beautiful photo! And a sweet looking ride to boot!

  • Fritz says:

    Is that something like “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight”?

  • Alan says:

    Or maybe, “Red sky at night, cyclist’s delight”? :-)

  • Helton says:

    At Brazil we have a proverb:

    “cerração baixa
    é sol que racha”

    It means “a low fog (at morning) is a scorching sun (after noon)”


  • Alan says:


    Ooo, I like that. Thanks…


  • nsfra2 says:

    Moonrise. An old sage once paved the way in Hernandez. Very nice to see a reprise with a variation. Thanks.

  • Roberto Rodz. says:

    i love your photos!!! tried something like that in the facebook’s page of ‘bentrider online.

  • Alan says:



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