YACF Bike Light Comparison

There’s a nice bike light comparison on the UK’s YACF cycling forum. The beam shots are particularly interesting.

View the comparison

[via Duncan’s Brain]

4 Responses to “YACF Bike Light Comparison”

  • Joel says:

    Thanks for posting this, handy.

  • Dolan Halbrook says:

    Great stuff. I thought my IQ fly was bright, but apparently not as bright as I thought…

  • Tom says:

    That thread is worth reading just for the Brit Humor. Check out the sig lines and avatar captions. ;-)

    Oh, and a great comparison of lights too.

  • Simon Proven says:

    There is a limit to the comparison you can make on brightness because the aim isn’t very consistent and often the brightest part of a light is not aimed at the centre of the target. Nonetheless, it’s a useful resource, especially with the beam patterns. The IQ lights and the Edelux have the best beam patterns IMO.

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