Can You Feel It Yet?

There’s a palpable frenetic energy on the roads around here. I first noticed it this past weekend and it’s only ramped up the past couple of nights. I suspect it has to do with the oncoming holidays and the general stress and anxiety that seems to be part and parcel of this time of year. I’m glad to be on my bike and at least partially out of the traffic flow. The calming effects of exercise induced endorphins can’t hurt either. Ah, the many benefits of bike commuting never cease to amaze me.

6 Responses to “Can You Feel It Yet?”

  • Erik B. says:

    I definitely feel it when out and about when (not holiday) shopping. Endorphins are amazing indeed! Good chance most of us commuters feel better even when riding out in the cold than the folk rolling around in their cars.

  • Jim says:

    What I have seen all year is the change in driver behavior on FRIDAY. Every Friday afternoon the roads are packed with drivers in a huge hurry. Their driving techniques are most definately impatient.

    Very obvious if one is watching for it.

    JIm in Utah.

  • Alan says:


    Yes, Friday evenings are very intense here too.

    Be careful out there…


  • Duncan Watson says:

    Good point that there is a seasonal increase in driver anxiety. I had a poor driver/cyclist interaction on my Saturday ride, the first one in months. He nearly hit me as he tried to turn onto the road I was riding on. I didn’t say anything and stopped before he hit me, then dismounted and walked past him. He rolled down his window and complained that I made a “face” at him.

    I didn’t correlate this with the season but I suspect there is something to it. I do agree that cyclists do feel better than drivers of a car in traffic. It would be hard not to feel better.

  • Thomas Kemp says:

    Distraction is the theme of the season. December means events, obligations and other “burdens” of our private lives jump considerably – all the while, the need for cash for the holiday season increases the pressures at work . . . . Makes folks short fused and hurried.

    Add to that, freezing stuff around – at least up north, and shorter days, and drivers have a hard time focusing on not hitting each other, much less us bikers.

    I am always amazed at how hard drivers push to squeeze every second out of their commutes: Cars rush pass me within yards of a red light – getting in front of me and slamming on the brakes.

    Biking in the Winter is good for the soul, though – at least it gets you outside.

  • Bill says:

    For a few years my commute route took me past a major mall. I never felt more vulnerable or exercised greater caution than when I went by this mall at Christmastime. Every day, in the season, I could count on one or more drivers pulling some dumb move around me to get to the mall in traffic. Christmas shopping is stressful.

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