CF Family Tree

Nanda at SpinCyclz sent me this cool Crank Forward “family tree” graphic.

5 Responses to “CF Family Tree”

  • Craig says:

    I purchased a fusion this spring and truly enjoy the bike. Nearly everyone I that sees the bike has made only positive remarks. A number of times people have taken the bike for spin and all come back enthusiastic about the spin on the crank.

    Near the end of summer (this is Minnesota you know) I had a bike racing friend give it a spin. I expected a list of demeaning comments about the bike. Instead, when he brought the bike back, he jumped off it and exclaimed “Everyone should have one of these!”

    I purchased my Rans at Bikes on Howard in Hibbing, Minnesota. So, if Rans is available in out of the way northern Minnesota, they must be everywhere.

    I used the Fusion not only as a commuter (well, until the snow started) and as my bike to ride the local trail. I suffered from back problems for many years and found traditional frames brought too much pain to my back. The Fusion along with my ICE T Trike has been a life saver and strongly recommend the Fusion to anyone seeking a ride to improve their health.

  • Duncan Watson says:

    My wife rides a nice Rans Cruz in orange sparkle. The bike always gets positive comments. It is a great bike and very easy to ride.

  • Roy Reinarz says:

    I have ridden a RANS Dynamik for over one year and 4000 miles. I rode an Electra Bike Townie 21 for over 8000 miles before I found RANS. There is much to recommend in a crank forward bicycle.

    My wife and I plan a nine month 8000 mile tour in 2010. My wife has tried out the Townie and RANS. We will be getting a second Dynamik this summer for her.


  • Tihamér says:

    I replaced my road bike and mountain bike for a Zenetik Pro and a 700X. I have so much fun and comfort on these CF-bikes and : no more bib shorts !


  • randy schlitter says:

    Hey neato stuff guys! Nice looking family too!

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