Winter Commute Sunset

This was my reward for braving the tule fog this morning.

7 Responses to “Winter Commute Sunset”

  • meli says:

    awesome shot. love the silhouette

  • Thomas Barone says:

    Absolutely stunning — i just love your photos .

  • Chris from DE says:

    Wow. That made me smile. I’m glad you got to experience that. Hey – how’s the knee?

    Chris from DE

  • Alan says:

    @All – Thanks! It seems these sunsets just keep getting more dramatic every week.

    @Chris – The knee is good – not as good as new – but good. Staying consistent with my stretching routine fends off the soreness and swelling. Thanks for asking..


  • CrowMolly says:

    Beautiful pic!

  • Apertome says:

    Beautiful shot! Very impressive indeed.

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