For Sale: 2008 Brompton S3L **SOLD**

My Brompton was puchased at C.M. Wasson Co. in Palo Alto, CA. in March of this year. It has low miles and is in near perfect condition. Includes the Brompton S-Bag, Brooks B-17 saddle with Penta-clip, standard and extended seat post, Eazy-wheels, Brompton frame pump, and Brompton slip cover. This is the latest model with QR clamp and dual-pivot brakes as standard. The cockpit has been upgraded with slightly wider and far more comfortable handlebars and grips. I paid approximately $1475 + tax for the full package.

Asking Price: $950

Buyer pays actual shipping costs to be determined at the time of sale. No sales outside of the continental US please. Either e-mail me with questions or ask in the comments section below.

Please Note: The lights are not included and the actual saddle is a Brooks B-17 Champion Special, not the S-A shown in the photos.

The bike now has these wider bars & full-width Ergon grips : roomy and comfortable

9 Responses to “For Sale: 2008 Brompton S3L **SOLD**”

  • Erik Sandblom says:

    Farewell, Brompton S3L! *Sniffle*

  • Adrienne says:

    Why are you selling the bike? I am looking at obtaining a Brompton, one day, and I am curious why this one is on the out?

  • Alan says:


    Obviously, you haven’t been lurking around my blogs too long. ;-) I have a revolving door on my bike barn; in other words, if a bike sits unused long enough to collect a little dust, it’s soon to be on its way to a new home. Year before last we purchased 7 bikes (and sold them all). We were well-behaved this year with only 4.

    Regarding the Brompton specifically, the policy in the building where I work has changed, so I can no longer bring a folder into the building without carrying it up three flights of stairs, something that’s not a good idea with my weak knee. Instead, I ride my standard bike and lock it in a bike locker, hence the Brompton has not been ridden in a few months at least. It’s a great bike, and there will very likely be another one in my future.


  • Charles says:


    Thanks for that response. I was curious about the same thing since I’m looking at buying one too. I’d be tempted to make an offer, but I’m not in the continental US.

    What are your thoughts on forking out extra for the titanium version?


  • Adrienne says:

    Did you sell it?

  • Erik Sandblom says:

    Charles, if you can afford the titanium and if you will be carrying the bike a lot, go for it. Otherwise I’d say it’s practical and cool, but with the emphasis on cool.

    My experience is that you may as well wheel it as far as possible and then fold. That way you’re usually only carrying it a few metres. After a while I realized I could even take it on escalators unfolded.

    There are two hitches to wheeling it as far as possible, firstly busybody types and secondly if the bike is very dirty, it might be best to fold and bag it so you don’t get dirt all over buildings and other people.

  • Sarge says:

    I happened onto your EcoVelo site., saw you sold your Brompton, etc. I have a question. I live in Arizona and have been thinking about buying a Brompton. In a few weeks I have to be in Palo Alto, so I thought I’d go to the C. M. Wasson Co. to look at and possibly ride a Brompton. When I pull up Wasson’s address on Google and look at it on Street View, the place looks like a house in a residential neighborhood. Is the Wasson store a regular bike store–with a showroom and a repair room in the back–or is it something else? Does one only order Bromptons through Wasson? No need for me to try to visit the “store” if it really isn’t like what I’d expect. Please fill me in on what’s actually there. Thanks so much.

  • Alan says:


    I haven’t been to Wasson’s shop, but I know he has bikes on hand, so I’d definitely drop by if you’re in town. I’m sure it’s not a glitzy “bike shop” in the traditional sense, but I suspect it would be an interesting visit nonetheless.


  • tobias says:

    wonderful bike. I was wondering where one can get a silver handle bar stem like the one on the bike above? The new ones are all in color as far as I know.

    kind regards from Cologne

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