This Evening’s Errand Run on the Hyland

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  • Tamia says:

    Great pictures, Alan! Lots more coloter there in NoCal than here in the northern foothills of the Adirondacks, where monochrome and dull is the norm now. Winter’s hit for good till sometime next year. Ah, for autumn colors!

  • Alan says:

    Thanks Tamia!

    We’re behind schedule this year. If I recall past years correctly, we’d normally be pretty much monochrome by now as well.


  • Karen says:

    Nice Hyland, Alan! Did you get that from Rick too? It’s dangerous for me to look at your blog here… I liked your Surly LHT so much that I got one too from Rick :o

  • Alan says:

    Hi Karen,

    The Hyland is on loan from Civia for review. It’s a sweet bike. The bars are too low right now, but Civia has sent an uncut replacement fork and stem to increase the bar height. I’ll publish a review here on the blog once I’ve had more time on the bike.

    I didn’t know you purchased an LHT! I’m glad I was able to provide a little inspiration. :-)) Send photos please…


  • mtblawgirl says:

    Love the beautiful red leaves. Thanks for sharing!

  • John says:

    Alan, I agree that looking at your site induces bike lust ! Like Karen I purchased a new commuter based on what I saw and learned at your blog. In my case a Pashley Roadster Sovereign. I simply love my Pashley and relish riding it each day. ( photos were posted a while back ) My problem now is garage space : I simply have no space to park another bike and still have any remaining functional area.


  • Alan says:


    Congrats on your Pashley purchase John! Aren’t they great bikes? They’ve introduced me to a new way of riding.

    I too have a space issue – we have bikes overflowing from the garage into the house… LOL.

    Take care-

  • Dale says:

    Wow Alan, your photography just knocks me out.

    I have just purchased my first Digital camera – takes stills and video – but it’s got so many features and I’m so tech-challenged that I can’t even figure out how to work it. :- (

  • Alan says:

    That’s very nice of you Dale. I’m very insecure about it myself, as my post on cameras shows. My advice is to learn a little about aperture priority and shutter priority modes and then shoot like crazy to see what works. Of course, one could always enroll in a class and do it the right way.. ;-)


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