A.N.T. Light Brackets

Mike Flanigan at A.N.T. fabricated a very nice pair of brackets for mounting my Fenix L2D flashlights on my mid-fork lowrider braze-ons. Mounting the lights closer to the ground is quite an improvement. In this lower position, they more effectively illuminate the road close to the bike while also throwing more light down the road.


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  • tdp says:

    Would love to see a couple more shots of the bracket to see how it’s put together.

  • antbikemike says:


    The light bracket is made of 7/8″ x .065″ stainless steel tube, welded to a 3/4″ x 1/8″ x 1.5″stainless plate. The plate has a 1/4″ hole drilled in it for mounting on the fork. The tube had a 1/4″ hole and then a 6mm stainless nut welded on to it for the set screw. The tube was then split down the middle.
    To add the light, you have to spread the tube out, pry the light in and then squeeze tube in a vice to clamp the light. The lightly screw in the set screw to hold light snug.
    This does not need to be made out of stainless steel, just what materials I had on hand…and looks nice.

  • Russel says:


    Do you ever try to use the L2D in anything but the brightest mode (or the dimmest, I think, with the head loosened a bit)? Sometimes when I go over bumps, I think the batteries lose contact and basically reset the light.


  • Alan says:


    I always run them in “Turbo” mode – either steady or flashing depending upon the amount of ambient light that’s in the vicinity.

  • tdp says:

    Thanks Mike! Sounds (somewhat) simple enough. Do you plan to put something like this into production? Looks like it could be a problem solver for some and nice seller for you.

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  • antbikemike says:

    Hello Everyone.

    I am sorry, but I am not in the light bracket business and these are not for sale. I just made these for Alan as a favor.


  • Marcy says:


    Thanks so much for the info on the Double Down Low lights. Love, love, love the sleek look of these lights and the A.N.T. custom brackets. Very sharp.

    Ride Happy!

  • Alan says:

    Hi Marcy,

    You’re welcome!


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