Grocery Shopping for the Feast

Parked in front of Whole Foods, shopping for the upcoming feast. In case you were wondering, a pair of Pashleys outfitted with Basil panniers can haul quite a load of groceries.

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  • Madness says:

    Nice! I also pride myself on getting 3 very heavy bags of groceries on my bike. Beautiful photo.

  • Alan says:


    Thanks, and have a wonderful holiday!

  • Donald says:

    I use my Burley Nomad trailer for grocery shopping at Trader Joes. The record was $130 worth of groceries which was 6 bags plus a big bundle of paper towels and toilet paper. Of course I had to dismantle the paper towels and the toilet paper to fit the smaller units into the nooks and crannies of the loaded trailer. It probably looked a little strange, but I explained that all it proves is that I will do anything to keep from having to park in the cramped Trader Joes parking lot.

  • Righteous Metal Broad says:

    Excellent! I’ve been thinking about getting Basil pannier bags for my Flying Pigeon but my chrome rack is very thick, too thick for most of the pannier bag hooks to fit on. I thought I may have to order some bags from Europe because I cannot find anything in America that may fit.

    Do you think Basil bags are good. I’m thinking of getting some Basil Bags that specifically strap over the rack, like yours, but I cannot see those bags very well, do you have other pictures of your pannier bags?

    Any recommendations would be most welcome.

  • Alan says:

    @ Righteous Metal Broad

    We’re very happy with our Basil bags. I reviewed them back in May of this year:

    Basil Kavan II Natural Panniers

    They can be purchased online in the U.S. through Velo Orange.

    I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any specific questions.


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