Parked in Front of the Library

An endless supply of books and movies for “free” — what a great gift. We love the library.

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  • Perry says:

    Huge library fans here. They have some great videos too. We sometimes go to neighboring towns and visit their libraries. Our state has a lending program and we can return books and videos to our town’s branch.

  • tdp says:

    We have a small library on our island but it is VERY popular among the island’s 4000 year around residents of which many take advantage of the video section.

    In the NYTimes “What Happy People Don’t Do,” researchers say that happy people spend more time socializing and reading than watching TV.

    Great picture btw! I love the tail lights (dynamo?).

  • Alan says:


    Thanks for the link – good stuff.

    Regarding the tail lights: no, unfortunately they’re battery powered, though they should be powered by the dynamo that runs the headlights. I may have to do something about that… :-)

  • David Watson says:

    Enjoy Ecovelo immensely! Thanks so much!

    Just to point out that libraries are not free – they are paid for from our taxes. Taxes can and do make wonderful things happen, contrary to some peoples’ belief!

  • Perry says:

    @David: Agreed and I also make a yearly contribution. I love the “aura” at the the LL (local library). The people are wonderful and it’s nice to get a break from 24/7 commerce.

  • Alan says:


    Yeah, I should have put the word “free” in quotes.. :-)

  • Norm says:

    The library is an important part of our life. It is totallly on line so you can order books, tapes, CDs from home. They even will have a book arrive at predetermined date, so that if you are in a book club you can get the book with enough time to read it before the meeting but not so long before that you have forgotten what you read. And of course, the prefered way to get the library is by cycle. They have great racks and the public washrooms are always a plus. Happy reading, riding and rithmatic.

  • andy parmentier says:

    i use my “mind’s eye” to “pedal” thru a book. i slant the book DOWN, towards the bottom right hand corner, til the text on the page is about the angle i imagine my arms would be
    on a rans dynamik (the bicycle that is about the most perfect extension of my body)

    then i use mind’s eye “body english” and pedal my way thru reading. this is a way of adding
    rhythm of cycling to resistance of reading. reading is a “work-out” for your mind and eyes.

    getting into a rhythm really helps overcome inertia of resistance, and keep the ball rolling.
    pick the bike or mode of locomotion that is the most perfect extension of YOU..and start
    pedaling, walking, triathloning thru your reading..

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