We Have a House Guest

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  • brad says:

    I love looking at these beautiful bikes, but I keep wondering how much sense they make as everyday urban vehicles. The Civia Hyland Alfine build costs over $2,000, more than my Trek 520 touring bike even when I factor in the pricey extras I put on it (Brookes B-17, Paul’s brakes, etc.), and whenever I leave my 520 somewhere for a few hours I’m always worried that either it, or some of its components, will have gone missing by the time I get back.

    I guess it depends where you live, how bike-savvy the thieves are, and whether you’re ever likely to leave your bike outside at night, but more and more I am coming to the conclusion that in my city I’m likely to use my bike more often if I don’t feel too attached to it…ideally something that costs under $500 and with standard components that nobody’s likely to notice or covet.

  • Alan says:


    Good points Brad.

    I think there’s room in the growing ute market for a full range from high to low like we have in sport bikes. For folks on modest incomes, those who live in high crime areas, or those who just don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bike, inexpensive, nondescript bikes like you describe make perfect sense. On the other hand, the Hyland is likely to appeal to a person who already has multiple mid-to-high-end sport bikes and is looking to add a specialized, point-to-point commuter to their collection.

    Whether it’s saving money, getting fit, protecting the environment, or in the case of the Hyland, a beautiful bike, anything that inspires and motivates people to ride more and drive less is OK in my book. :-)


  • martian1 says:

    Did the Civia come with a rider or show up for an evaluation?
    In either case, could we get the Civa to talk about it’s strengths or weaknesses ?
    No trying to put a House Guest on the spot, perhaps after a couple of beers it would
    be more talkative ?

  • Alan says:


    She’s here for an extended stay. She’s been a little shy so far, but we’ll let you know what she has to say once we get to know her better.

  • brad says:

    Alan, I agree with your points, and the Hyland is indeed gorgeous. Sometimes I wish I weren’t so darn practical ;-)

  • Erik Sandblom says:

    Why do Civias have straight forks? All the Nishikis do too. The Civia might open up to the Nishiki Shadow. It has Alfine components too.

    Very lovely photos as always.

  • Swizz... says:

    It does look nice & reading the specs on Civia’s site, you can see where the money goes.

    Regarding longevity though (and i’m not drawing on personal experience here) but the impression I get from cycling forums & a few roadies I know is that both Ally frames & carbon forks have a limited lifespan – particularly the forks – and that any over engineering to improve the lifespan will negate the weightsaving benefits for using them in the first place.

    But hey, i’ve missed the point of it. The frame in itself is a bit of exotica for a commuter – the downtube and dropouts are something a passing bikie will no doubt stop & admire, as a moped rider will drool over the frame of an overtaking Ducati!

    I wouldn’t throw it out of the bikeshed ;>P

  • RJ says:

    My, those are some sexy shots!

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