Alfine Shifter with Drop Bars

One of my readers worked out this creative way to mount an Alfine shifter for use with his drop bars.

The Old Raleigh with the Shimano Nexus 8 hub now has a new shifter and It works well for me. I can shift while going uphill without taking my hands off the hoods. This is nearly like an STI set-up for me, since I have been using a twist grip shifter for a long time, I have experimented with the placement of that twist grip for a long time. This new trigger shifter works very precise and quiet. I am posting this to show the odd way I have mounted this shifter. A Minoura Space Grip adapts mountain bike size accessories to a road style handlebar. I have tried so many ways to find a satisfactory set-up with the internal gear hub. I liked the convenience of flat bars, but they make my wrists hurt. After posting my old Raleigh on “Ecovelo” gallery a few months ago and mentioned that I wished for a good shifter for internal gear hubs to be used on road style handlebars, I got a few suggestions after that post. I thought I should try this new Alfine shifter.
This trigger shifter is it for me. The only thing that could be better, are the brifter style brake/shifter levers. (Ergo or STI).

I hope this can help other riders looking for a unique and convenient way of setting up their internal gear hub. — Jim

Thanks for sharing Jim!

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