High Voltage

4 Responses to “High Voltage”

  • Tamia Nelson says:

    I really like this photo, Alan… the composition of lines and colors, as well as the shining lights. Did you use a tripod?

  • Alan says:

    Thanks Tamia. I didn’t use a tripod, but I wedged the camera against a rock to keep it steady.

  • Darryl says:

    Nice shot, Alan.

    First impression that you had a post about powering the grid from a bicycle. ;-)
    Or you’ve discovered the power of networking among the cycling power brokers;
    but I jest.

    I noticed the same scene but close up of the lights from a couple of days ago. How did you get the detail in the lights to show up against the sky? the old fashioned way of balancing the time of day with the lights or the new fashioned way of compressing the contrast in the computer?

    Either way, it’s well, done.


  • Alan says:

    Thanks Darryl. It was the old-fashioned way – time of day. I carry my camera on the bike most of the time and just keep an eye out for good/interesting light.

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