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In many cities the bike racks on trains and buses are frequently full. To help solve the problem in Eugene, Oregon, Lane Transit District is partnering with Bike Friday to encourage transit customers to look at folding bikes as an alternative (folding bikes are allowed inside buses and trains and don’t require the use of a bike rack).

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Bike Friday

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10 Responses to “LTD Partners with Bike Friday”

  • Roland Smith says:

    I’m all for promoting cycling, but putting these racks on front of a bus looks more like a traffic hazard than a service.

    Getting hit by a bus is not fun, but getting impaled on a bike rack in the process is not an improvement.

  • michael says:

    I dunno, the rack might mean your legs take more of the impact, rather than your head.

  • Scott says:

    Seems like buses in the USA have had racks like this for years. I’ve never heard of accidents made worse because of them–though getting his by a bus is a pretty rare event. Where else would the rack be placed, behind to soak up all the exhaust and road grime? Front seems like the only way to go.

    I sure would love to have a Bike Friday, though. Don’t need one, but dang, they’s sweet!


  • Shane says:

    Hmmm, I was interested to see this since I live in Eugene but the link seems to be broken”This video has been removed by the user.”
    It is a perfect marriage- transit and bikes and LTD has always been very encouraging of this, being one of the first folks to put racks on their busses.

  • Alan says:


    Hi Shane,

    I’m not sure why the video was moved, but I found a new link and repaired it. Give it a try when you have a chance..


  • Fritz says:

    Roland, those racks have been on US buses for years. It’s not an issue.

    After capacity issues on Santa Cruz County buses began last year, the local transportation district now gives a rebate to people who buy folding bikes from local bike shops.

  • Roland Smith says:

    I was asking because here in the Netherlands, those big racks/bumpers that one sees on off-road/SUV cars were banned a couple of years ago because they were responsible for a lot of injuries in accidents involving pedestrians. (cows/livestock running around on the road being extremely rare here, enough to make the evening news when it happens)

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  • colleen whalen says:

    The problem with those itty-bitty-teeny-weeny folding bikes is you cannot put a basket or bike carrier trailer big enough to carry anything in. I do all my grocery shopping, errands on my bike and need a big carrier on the back of my bike in order to carry stuff around. I am a student and need to put my textbooks, purse in the bike carrier – if I had a folding bike, I could not do grocery shopping, nor carry any stuff on it – which makes it completely not practical.

    Those itty-bitty-teen-weeny folding bikes are fine for short rides where you don’t have to actually CARRY anything – but otherwise, not at all practical for people like me who use their bike as their only source of transportation and need to carry heavy stuff like groceries.


  • Alan says:


    Actually, many people carry full touring loads all over the world on Bike Friday, Dahon, and Brompton folding bikes, so certainly it’s possible to do one’s grocery shopping with a folder. For example, here’s a full line of excellent bags that clip right on the front of a Brompton:


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