The Gadget Show: Folding Bikes

Jon Bentley of the Gadget Show and Olympic Gold Medalist Rebecca Romero assess the pros and cons of three folding bikes.

The Gadget Show

3 Responses to “The Gadget Show: Folding Bikes”

  • Perry says:

    That was fun! I really prefer video “how to” and reviews over written pieces with still photos. You get so much more out of it.

  • Mark Lloyd says:

    I felt the show overly praised the Brompton and was too harsh on the Strida. The Swiss bike is is a totally different catagory – eg not suitable for crowded commutor trains. I have both Brompton(LM3) and strida(5) and I love them both – for different reasons. For fitting in the smallest possible space and riding faster in more hilly areas Brompton is peerless. For use on a crowed commuter train, and where journey involves long walks (corridors in and out of trains, office etc.) Strida is perfect as it rolls on its wheels. Strida also fits into long thin places a brompton doesn’t eg overhead luggage spaces on trains, and between knees when sitting. As for handling, which seemed to be the main contention, I just didn’t get The conclusions; the brompton has a more ‘sporty’ riding position, ie more weight on arms (maybe what olympians are more used to ?); the Strida is more like an upright dutch bike, with little or no weight on the arms. I find the Strida more comfortable in town.

    In a previous (more tongue in cheek) episode, the gadget show’s main presentor ( Suzy ) really liked the Strida’s ride … as here….
    Suzy said “rides so well” Rebecca Said “horrible to Ride” Go figure !!

  • Strida says:

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