Separated Bike Lanes

Check out these photos of separated bike lanes in Copenhagen. Whether or not you support the idea of separated bike paths and bike lanes, you have to agree, bringing infrastructure of this sort to the U.S. would undoubtedly lead to increased bicycle use.

4 Responses to “Separated Bike Lanes”

  • Dale says:

    I think Capitalism is a good thing, but Humans (at least in the USA) haven’t mastered it yet.

    Here it’s just bred Greed, Arrogance, and Ignorance: And it’s certainly showing the shortcomings of our Government’s and our Business’ approach to it.

    Maybe this latest fiasco will help grow some minds and at least some Americans can evolve to the consideration of “quality of Life” instead of “quantity of dollars”. We can hope.

  • Bryan Willman says:

    In the ’80s there was a theory that bike lanes were bad, because they led to many collisions where cars crossed them. I witnessed some, the people making this argument have a point.

    But the copenhagen lanes are like some of the better lanes/trails we have in Seattle, where cars are mostly far away (except for crossing driveways) – they’re more like “light rail” and less like “HOV lanes” – so they could have a much better safety profile, utility in bad weather, and so on.

    Do they have pedestrians on them?

  • LareyKerling says:

    In thinking about the bike lanes (not seperated) here in Colorado and how drivers often use them for loading zones, extra right turn lanes, and cell phone drift buffers, I always come to the conclusion that the bike lanes aren’t “really” bike lanes because there are hardly ever any bikes using them.

    My town was just awarded a Gold Level rating from LAW (or whatever they call themselves these days) so we probably have better cycling infrastructure than most other communities in the US.

    I would love to have seperated bike lanes and I think they would encourage a few more people to ride their bikes. But we simply don’t have enough people riding bikes now to even start considering wonderful seperated bike lanes like those.

    Sad but true, I’m amazed my town has such good shared lanes, considering how few people ever use them.

  • Doug says:

    Separated bike lanes? Sounds too good to be true. Anything would be an improvement here in Syracuse. I’m continually riding on sidewalks because there’s simply no other way (uphill on a fast road that is the only way to get over the interstate, etc.).

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